Proof of Work

C25 uses Skunkhash algo, which is suitable mining at AMD\NVIDIA GPU, as well as users of NiceHash.

Reward-halfing every 125,000 blocks will constantly increase the profit from mining. And the low total supply will increase community interest with each passing year.


Everyone can become an investor in our project, even without having mining capacities. It's enough to buy the necessary amount of coins for collateral and launch the masternode, receiving a steady daily income.

You can enter the project without having full collateral, using the Shared MN Platforms.

C25 Platform

C25 Coin was created to provide the C25 Platform - Freelance science marketplace.

C25 coin will be the only payment instrument on the C25 Platform for paying fee, priority advertising, services rendered, banners, premium accounts and more.

What is the c25 platform and its features?

Sort of counterparties

All applications to the provision and receipt of services will be sorted by scientific areas.

Phased payment

The application accepted for execution is paid on an advance payment. Remaining amount is paid after the performance of the work.


You can connect our employee to any research, he'll check the quality of work performed before payment.

Time Saving

Institutions and research centers from around the world will join the platform, the search for implementer will be accelerated every day.

Totally FREE

Both center owners and teachers, and even students can join the platform.

Mobile Apps

The mobile version of the C25 Platform with an integrated wallet will allow you to solve research right in your smartphone.

Brain power

People who can solve complex mathematical and other scientific problems, create applications and websites. Analysts and professional strategists.


Machine's power

Chemical and biological laboratories, complex research and analytical equipment.

  • Creation of IT solutions with unique tasks;
  • Creation of vaccines and drugs;
  • Breakthrough in AI;
  • Qualitative analysis of the work of enterprises;
  • Creation of innovative technologies;

C25 Roadmap

All planned actions of our team in C25 project.

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C25 Whitepaper

Technical document with all the details of our activities.

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C25 Mining

List of mining pools and profit calculator C25.

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